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Batla House: John Abraham, Bhushan Kumar & Nikkhil Advani join forces

Batla House will unite John Abraham with director Nikkhil Advani and producer Bhushan Kumar in collaboration for the film.

Speaking about the movie, John said, “I have always been drawn to the intrigue and drama that real life offers — small events, big ones or a human experience that resonates with a larger reality. Batla House is on point with this pursuit. I’m almost obsessed with it.

I am aware of Nikkhil’s talent, but more than that, I am sure of his intent. Satyameva Jayate has started a relationship that has been wonderful between Emmay and JA Entertainment.

We will work day and night to make a special film. Bhushan Kumar and our studio partner, T-Series, understand our vision and I am hoping this partnership is the beginning to many more.”

Nikkhil Advani, Emmay Entertainment, added, “Given his penchant for excelling in films of this genre, John was the right choice to play Yadav, an unassuming man of few words and a long list of extraordinary achievements.

The film, which is a fictional account inspired by the real-life encounter, will not be from one man’s perspective only but will show three perspectives — that of the police, those present near the location, and the real picture.

I am glad Bhushanji and I are working together again for Batla House and it is so heartening to find a studio, which is open to different genres and content-driven cinema.”

Bhushan Kumar, T-Series, feels that Nikkhil is the perfect one for Batla House.

“Nikkhil and I have been working together for many years and when I heard that he is making Batla House, I decided to join hands with him.

After working with John in Satyameva Jayate, I know Nikkhil has chosen the right role for him.

Even though the film speaks of an incident that happened years ago, Nikkhil will show the story from a different perspective, making the reel story look as real as possible. We are keen to produce content-driven cinema and Batla House is one of them,” said Bhushan Kumar.

The film goes on floors in September and will be shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow and Nepal.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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