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Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Tom Cruise does the unimaginable… Again

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the sixth instalment in the franchise has released in cinemas and hopes to offer a huge adrenaline rush to the audience – like its former instalments.

The film’s crux revolves around after an IMF mission ends badly and Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) escapes custody, the world is faced with dire consequences.

As Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) takes it upon himself to fulfil his original briefing, the CIA begins to question his loyalty and his motives.

Hunt finds himself in a race against time across three cities: Paris, London and Kashmir, hunted by assassins and former allies while trying to prevent a global disaster.

The story sounds thrilling and gripping, but does the final product do full justice to the premise? Filme Shilmy reviews.

When it comes to action in Hollywood films, we have seen everything under the sun. But in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the stunts keep the audience on-edge throughout.

My favourite sequence is when Ethan chases another rogue character to get a detonator. Both characters are in helicopters.

After the helicopters’ fuel run out, both aircraft are stuck between two cliffs.

Despite being at a high altitude, the two characters combat each other, fearlessly. This is thrilling to watch – almost like the Burj Khalifa stunt in Ghost Protocol.

Having seen a few of the MI films, it would not be wrong to say that Fallout has the highest thrill factor in the stunts and action sequences. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seats in a very subtle way.

The adrenaline rush is enforced further with the captivating background score by Lorne Balfe.

Unlike the usual Mission: Impossible music, we get to hear a very balanced soundtrack which switches effortlessly between the heavy and moody reveries.

I felt the music is very reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s work, in a sense that the music is intriguing and well-composed.

Besides the enthralling action sequences and background score, the main cast does full justice to their roles – especially Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin and Sean Green as we see them from the last instalment(s).

Tom Cruise, firstly, is his usual best as Ethan Hunt. He maintains that suave and savvy persona, displaying a consistency in his character which he has essayed for more than decades. 

Henry Cavill is the new addition to the MI series and he is proven to literally be the Man of Steel.

In a grey role, Cavill portrays August Walker – a CIA assassin working for the Special Activities Division tasked with monitoring Ethan and his team.

Henry is brilliant – he carries off the villain role with such flair and ease. It would be great to see him in more darkish roles. 

Simon Pegg shines yet again as Benji – the IMF technical field agent. His comic timing is on point and he provides great comic relief.

There can never be an MI film without Benji giving the wrong instructions whilst reading from the tablet.

Rebecca Ferguson plays Ilsa Faust, a former MI6 agent who joined Hunt’s team during Rogue Nation. Yet again she delivers a classy and stylish performance.

A scene, in particular, I really liked is when she saves Benji from being killed. She beats the villain and says ‘Time Up’.

It’s refreshing to see how female protagonists are now fighting back rather than playing damsels-in-distress.

Other members of the cast are also brilliant in their respective parts.

Though this film has some draw-dropping action sequences, captivating music and great performances, it took time for me to get into the film.

But after that, my attention was captured for the remaining duration of the film and it becomes a roller coaster ride.

On the whole, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an action-packed film which will keep you on edge throughout. This alongside Ghost Protocol stands as the best movies of the franchise.

Tom Cruise proves that age is just a number. If only we could be as invincible and as fit as Ethan Hunt. Don’t wait, just go and see this!


Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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