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Shah Rukh Khan felicitated in London for contributions to globalise Indian Cinema

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan got felicitated with a “Game Changer for his Unmatched Contribution to Globalising Indian Cinema” award at the business summit in London, on Tuesday.

 Shah Rukh Khan has always represented India at international events making the nation proud.

The ET India – UK Strategic Conclave, a special business summit discussing the economic relations between India and the UK was graced by the global icon, took place in London yesterday.

Representing the entertainment industry for a chat session on the ‘Growth of the business of entertainment across the globe and its impact on India” with Anuj Radia, Khan said:

“The growth for Indian films has been much smaller compared to the growth of television in India.

The ratio of theatres to the audience area is still very small, we have very few theatres compared to the audience we can garner.

In the interiors of India, there are not many screens for people to go and I think there is a huge market here for entrepreneurs to get into making low-cost theatres.”

The actor, producer, activist was also felicitated with “The Economic Times Game Changers of India” – Hall of Fame for “His Unmatched Contribution To Globalising Indian Cinema”.

A coffee table book titled ‘Game Changers of India’ was also unveiled at the summit which features SRK along with other accomplished leaders.

Accepting this honour Shah Rukh said:

“I take this opportunity to thank a lot of people, actors, actresses, and audiences, for allowing me to continue unencumbered with any idea that I had, they gave me the ability to just go ahead and give it a shot, try and go wrong if I may, and more often than not they allowed me to go wrong”.

He further added, “Business is become about millions, targets and projections, though I fully respect the managerial capacity of business, I like to think of it as the people who work with me allowed me the imaginarily capacity, they allowed me to imagine and they managed that imagination.

So, when you become a game changer you cannot take it upon yourself, there are loads of people involved and the audience as well around the world accepts you doing the stuff you do and think it’s entertaining”.

Themed ‘New Economy, New Rules’ the global business summit was held in London today, wherein top CEOs, government officials and the global elite came together to focus on the India-UK relationship and future trade and business opportunities that could exist between the two countries.

The conclave featured speakers and panellists of respected delegates from their respective fields, providing a platform to enable delegates to interact and exchange ideas.

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is currently gearing up for the release of ‘Zero’ starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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