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Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sourabh Patel faking his identity?

It has only been just over a week since Bigg Boss 12 commenced and things are kicking off in the house.

A competition between single contestants versus jodis, one Jodi that has entered the competition is that of Shivashish and Sorabh. 

On the launch night, Sourabh Patel claimed to be a farmer by profession in his introduction video.

But it looks like he may just have faked his identity for the sake of being on the Salman Khan hosted show.

If a report on the IndianExpress.com is to be believed, then Sourabh is apparently an assistant casting director and an aspiring actor.

Moreover, the portal further suggests that his real name is not even Sourabh Patel, but Sahil Rameshwar Patel.

The report quoted a known TV casting director as saying, “While I haven’t worked with Sahil, I have known him for a long time now.

He used to work as an assistant to a lot of my colleagues. It’s surprising to see him on Bigg Boss. He has changed his look after growing a beard.

He has always been street smart and jugadu. Guess, he managed to trick the makers.”

At the time of entering the house, Sourabh shared that he’s a farmer from Jabalpur, representing the common man on the show, along with his businessman friend Shivashish Mishra.

The portal also suggests that it’s not just Sourabh who has apparently faked his identity to be on the show, but his partner Shivashish too has lied about his profession.

While Shivashish claimed to be a businessman, the pictures of him that are doing the rounds on social media suggest that he is a model by profession.

The casting director further told the portal about Sourabh’s financial background and said, “He worked on a salary of Rs 15,000 and was desperately trying to become an actor.

Seeing him drive a high-end car in his video was amusing to see.

Well, none of us have too much clue if he has a farming background but he definitely does not own acres of land as he had claimed on the stage in front of Salman Khan.”

Only time will determine whether Sourabh Patel is who he claims to be!

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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