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Sui Dhaaga Movie Review: Stitching Positivity with Realism of Life

Sui Dhaaga has not only been a subject to memes on social media, but it has also been highly awaited by the masses. 

The film reunites two of Hindi cinema’s most talented actors Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma and promises to be a feel-good, uplifting venture.

It narrates the story of Mauji (Varun Dhawan), an incompetently illiterate young man, has inconvenient work and individual life.

His boss treats him like a dog, his father never stops cursing him, and he has not even touched his wife Mamta’s (Anushka Sharma) hand despite being married for years due to lack of space at home.

But he always carries himself with a big smile despite facing odds.

Although he appears to be a useless man, Mauji is a champion in the art of tailoring, which his father (Raghuvir Yadav) believes to be a disadvantageous mode of occupation.

However, being fed-up of licking his boss’ boots and getting motivation from Mamta, Mauji decides to self-employ himself and set off with his sewing machine.

Although his parents are strictly against his decision, Mauji receives constant support from his wife, and in no time, the couple sees positive results.

The couple faces a lot of hardships due to their innocence and family responsibilities. Mauji and Mamta fight back.

Critics and audiences had their say. Now, we give our final verdict at Filme Shilmy.

Realistic film and Progressive portrayal of current India

Sui Dhaaga is a realistic and positive film. 

It exposes the harsh reality of how the less-affluent struggle to make a living in India. Especially through stitching.

Seeing how people survive using their craft of stitching and sometimes in severe situations, will definitely bring a tear to the eye.

But how they overcome those negatives and yet live with optimism is incredible. 

There are some thought-provoking scenes and dialogues.

For instance, there is a line which conveys how every day is a ‘Karva Chauth’ for Mauji and the family due to the lack of food.

That line makes the audience think how there could be people in India today who are in a similar situation and yet they try to take it positively.

It is nice to see that the movie is not soaked in misery and tears. There is a feel-good atmosphere throughout the movie and this successfully works.

When we see the two protagonists go through testing circumstances, Sharat Katariya does not add melodrama to the situations. He keeps it real.

Sui Dhaaga also shows how progressive India currently is and is subtlely patriotic.

For instance, there are no scenes of bribery or forcing government officials to get something done. It is all done timely and according to procedures.

The film promotes the idea that if someone has a dream, then it is definitely possible to achieve it in the India of today.

Authentically handled by Sharat Katariya 

In fact, even the comedy is natural. Whether it is a random action by the mother or an ad hoc line, it is the subtle aspects which work well.

What Katariya also gets right, is that he steers away from stereotypes. 

Even though the two protagonists are looked down upon by the so-called rich, the conventional ‘Gawaar’ (illiterate) comment is not thrown at them.

As a result, these aspects make Sui Dhaaga an authentic watch. 

Excellent Performances by Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma

As Varun says in the film ‘Sab Badhiya Hai’. The same can be said about his performance.

Varun is effortless as Mauji. In fact, the character is a fervorous as he is in real life.

From the comedic quotients to the serious parts, he balances all aspects of the role with such grace and ease.

Plus, it is so wonderful to see that he does not go overboard with the rural accent nor does he try to ape or mimic another actor.

After Badlapur and October, this is another feather to add to Varun’s cap. He has done a fabulous job.

Complimenting Varun well is Anushka Sharma.

The most interesting part to Anushka’s character is that it reminds one of her first role as Taani from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Had Taani been from a village and slightly older, she would be Mamta.

Sharma is so effective in playing a village belle. From the shying nuances to the humble expressions – she nails her performance. 

But despite the timid appearance, Mamta is strong-willed, determined and protective of her appearance. Sharma presents these virtues with such grace.

Both Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma do not make a loud statement through their performances.

Their technique of subtlety and simplicity is what drives these performances to triumph.

Raghubir Yadav is first-rate as the pessimistic and grumpy father. He is an experienced actor who is natural in his craft.

A special mention goes to Yamini Das who essays the role of Mauji’s mother. She is excellent, especially during the comic portions.

Her organic sense of humour reminds one of Seema Pahwa. 

What’s wrong?

Evidently, Sui Dhaaga has a lot of positive factors and rightly so. But the story could be interpreted to be quite simplistic.

One cannot help but question as to how much the film shies away from the truth regarding how much a common man struggles for survival?

It also makes one wonder how much of reality has been sugar-coated to make the film entertaining?

In addition, the soundtrack, I feel is quite adequate. Besides ‘Chaav Laga’ the other songs are quite forgettable.

As a result, the background score is quite weak. This could have been much stronger and captivating. 

Final word

Overall, Sui Dhaaga is a positive and feel-good watch.

It is fantastic to see how optimism is neatly balanced with realism and this is guaranteed to make you smile.

Also, Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s performances will conquer your hearts.

Kya Kahein? Sab Badhiya Hai. Go and get inspired! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5 stars)

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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