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Punjabi Film Afsar gets World Premiere in London

London’s Courthouse Hotel played host to accommodate the premiere of Punjabi film Afsar.

The evening was attended by several media personalities.

Plus, Rangroot stars Alex Reece, Darren Tassel and Caroline Wilde all attended to support the premiere.

Afsar, which has been directed by Gulshan Singh, marks Nimrat Khaira’s debut as a lead actress. Her first film role was in Lahoriye – which released last year.

Expressing a few words about attending the London premiere, the singer-turned-actress said:

“It’s wonderful to come to London for Afsar’s premiere. 

It is more amazing that everyone could come and attend. 

For all the love and support, I would just like to thank everyone.”

The film premiere was also attended by other celebrity guests including the director of Bambukaat – Pankaj Batra.

What is the film about?

Afsar is a family drama takes a humorous look at love, marriage and employment.

Jaspal (Tarsem Jassar) is a senior government official in love with Harman (Nimrat Khaira) a school teacher.

Jaspal on paper is the ideal son-in-law material, good looking, caring and with the ability to financially support Harman.

The only problem is that Harman’s dad wants a son in law who holds the position of a Patwari (lower government officer) because he believes that post has more status and power

Jaspal and Harman are confused with the situation and realise the only way their marriage will go ahead are if Jaspal is demoted to the lower position of a Patwari.

Despite the difficulties, they continue dating each other confident that they will convince Harman’s stubborn father to agree to the marriage.

But when Jaspal is accused of being unfaithful, Harman angrily agrees to marry a man of her father’s choice.

Jaspal is now left in a quandary: does he prove his innocence to Harman or fulfil her father’s wish of becoming a Patwari? Most importantly will he end up marrying Harman?

Afsar – A Fun, Family Entertainer

The film has everything one seeks for in a masala/mainstream film like Afsar.

There is the laugh-out-loud comedy including sharp one-liners/hilarious characters and foot-tapping music.

Examples of hilarious characters include some goons.

Despite their sturdy outlook, their voices are high-pitched and each time they speak, one cannot stop laughing.

Another funny situation is where we see to grooms and their baarats heading towards the same venue.

This is quite a different and comical moment.

As such, it is this comedy of errors style humour that will definitely leave the audience in stitches.

Whilst the main plot is quite basic, it is the comical twists which make Afsar an enjoyable watch.

The main performances are quite decent. Nimrat Khaira, firstly, makes a decent debut.

She is good as the coy and innocent school-teacher Harman. Plus, she looks stunning.

Tarsem Jassar previously impressed us in Daana Paani and in Afsar he does not disappoint.

He does well as the smitten and heroic government-official, but it’s the hilarious script and story of the film which does the real job.

Tarsem’s striking resemblance to Vicky Kaushal is quite striking!

Gurpreet Chuggi is his usual best. Not only does his character provide comic relief, but he also a third-wheeler in Harman and Jaspal’s love-story.

The rest of the cast also do a decent job in their respective parts.

Whilst Afsar is majorly entertaining, there’s are also a few downsides.

Firstly, the film struggles with transitioning from the humorous aspects to the serious parts.

The intensity between Satpal and Hartman as a romantic couple does not seem to be on par. Something seems to be amiss.

Whilst individually Tarsem and Nimrat are good, there is a lukewarm chemistry between them.

Also, one feels that the songs prolong the duration of the film.

Had some of the songs been done away, this could’ve easily save 15/20 minutes.

Fortunately, though, there is plenty of entertainment factors to the film. So the audience definitely gets their money worth.

On the whole, Afsar is a decent entertainer that can be enjoyed with the family.

This is can be deemed to be a ‘Paisa Vasool’ movie.

⭐⭐⭐ (3/5 stars)

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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