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#MeToo Bollywood: Writer Vinta Nanda Recounts how a ‘Sanskaari’ Actor Raped & Violated Her

The #MeToo campaign has been kicking off in Bollywood ever since Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment claims against Nana Patekar.

In an incredibly brave Facebook post, writer-director-producer Vinta Nanda recollects her harrowing ordeal of raped and violated.

Ms Nanda omitted one crucial detail from her post, the name of her alleged rapist. But she didn’t need to tell the world who he was.

Her description of him as a lead actor on 90s TV show Tara and her use of the term ‘sanskaari’ was sufficient to place a name.

Several users have shared Ms Nanda’s post on Twitter, put two and two together and concluded that this perpetrator is Alok Nath.

Mr Nath has acquired the ‘sanskaari’ tag by playing a series of virtuous and honourable father figures. Now, Twitter is buzzing with calls for him to be prosecuted and jailed.

Vinta Nanda’s post makes for heart-wrenching and shocking reading even for the most cynical.

She reveals that the actor who allegedly raped her first harassed the lead actress on the sets of Tara – Navneet Nishan, not named in the post and that his alleged conduct got so bad that Ms Nanda and her production associates decided to let him go.

Pressure from the TV channel concluded with Tara going off air abruptly and Ms Nanda’s other shows were cancelled as well.


Then came Vinta Nanda’s personal and terrifying trauma – the actor raped and brutalized her, she says.

In her own home. And he did it a second time. For nearly 20 years, it has scarred her.

Her last words are a damning identification:

“Irony is that the man, the predator in question here is the actor par excellence who is known as the most #Sanskaari (Cultured) person in the film and television industry.”

In the comments section and as well as on Twitter, those who recall the controversy involving Tara and Ms Nishan have been quick to out Alok Nath as the alleged predator.

Angry tweets have condemned Mr Nath not just for his alleged misconduct but also for hypocritically having embraced the imputation of being ‘sanskaari.’

Twitter has been the epicentre of an explosion of #MeToo allegations, many of them against prominent media men.

Tweets have called out actor Rajat Kapoor and singer Kailash Kher for alleged harassment.

With regards to Ms Nanda’s claim, it is expected that the matter will be investigated into.

Further updates to follow.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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