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Arfi Lamba in Santosh Sivan’s short-film ‘Dial K for Kill’

Arfi Lamba made his debut in with Oscar-winning international film Slumdog Millionaire and was later seen in movies like Fugly, Singh is Bling, Prague and German film GIFT etc.

The actor is also the co-owner of Bombay Berlin Film Production which is an Indo- European film production house based in Mumbai.

Arfi’s upcoming project ‘Dial K for Kill’, a short spot, is directed by Santosh Sivan whose name needs no introduction. He is a brand for his work in the Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil industry.

The short film Dial K for Kill weaves murder, betrayal and love into a story. Santosh Sivan had also directed Asoka starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

When asked Arfi about his experience working with Santosh Sivan he said:

“It is a privilege to shoot for Santosh Sir, I have loved his work ever since I saw Dil Se and I personally think Asoka is one of the most underrated films of Hindi Cinema.

He rejected me at the onset saying he is too young and boyish for the part. I took it upon myself to grow my beard and change my look totally.

With my fingers, hands, and toes crossed, I sent the look test to him and I still have his email that says, “Looks good. This works” and I was on.

He further adds:

“He did not say it to me directly, but everyone from the production/direction team or the ARRI cameras team will come and tell me that Santosh Sir is loving my work and I would just not believe it.

Till last day. On the last day before leaving he said, “Good work, we will work again”. I was on cloud 9999.”

Arfi has completed two short films and a web series and is prepping for his next feature that his producers will announce soon.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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