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Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi Become Parents to Baby Girl!

Bollywood couple Neha Dhupia and her husband Angad Bedi were blessed with a baby girl today morning.

According to a statement issued by her publicist, Neha delivered the child early Sunday morning in Women’s Hospital, Mumbai and both mother and child were “doing great”.

Neha and Angad surprised everyone with their hush-hush wedding in May this year. They confirmed Neha’s pregnancy in August, a little over three months after their wedding.

“Here’s to new beginnings… #3ofUs,” Neha had posted, sharing a series of photographs where the happy couple is posing, flaunting the baby bump.

In one of the images, Angad is cradling the bump, and in one image, he is pointing at it.

The pregnancy announcement came after months of speculation, and several appearances in flowing and loose attire making the paparazzi wonder whether it was an attempt to hide the bump.

“Ha! Turns out this rumour is true,” Angad had posted on Instagram while confirming the speculations.

Neha said in a recent interview to Mid-Day that she kept news of her pregnancy a secret for fear of losing work.

“I was worried people would stop offering work. It was a good thing my bump wasn’t showing till the sixth month because appearances matter here, and one might be assumed to be unfit for a job.

Fortunately, my energy levels are high,” she said.

In a recent episode of the podcast, No Filter Neha, Angad recalled how he broke the news of Neha’s pregnancy to her parents.

Talking about what led to their sudden marriage, planned within four days, Angad confirmed that it was Neha’s pregnancy that led the couple to hurriedly tie the knot.

The Soorma actor revealed how he landed with his parents at Neha Dhupia’s house to break the news of his then girlfriend’s pregnancy and to propose marriage.

“Considering that you didn’t want to break the news that you were expecting, so we had to tell them that we need to get married and we love each other.

I was extremely nervous because that was the judgment day, technically. To break the news to your parents, I really had cold feet as clearly it was not going to come from you (Neha).

Everything had to come for me. I had to really man up and speak. I just had to blurt it out and see the reaction,” he said.

As they say, love conquers all and this a testament to that.

Filme Shilmy congratulates the new mummy and daddy of B-Town on the birth of their first child!

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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