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Arjé Creates his Own Version of Ranveer Singh’s Asli Hip Hop Song from Gully Boy

Music artist Arjé has recreated the chartbuster Asli Hip Hop song, which is originally rapped by Ranveer Singh in Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy.

Speaking about why he created his own version of the song, Arjé says:

“Gully Boy for me is a massive revolution as it sheds light on the Hip Hop community through a language that is widely spoken in India – Bollywood.

I wanted to share this with as many people as I can to promote Hip Hop from India and the best to way to do that is to say my story and how Hip Hop helped me through it.”

Who is Arjé?

Born in Kerala, India to a middle-class family of a low key as well as culture shifting writers, Arjun Edasseri grew up between Kerala and Gurgaon till he was 15.

His family then migrated to the UK where he finished his education in Business between Manchester and Oxford.

After moving to London and being in several white collar jobs, at 25, he decided to pursue music under the stage name Arjé.

Arjé’s Preferred Genre

Arjé’s music is rooted in Hip Hop mixed with genres like Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Classical and Metal along with world instruments.

Picking up the guitar at 16, he started to write his own songs around the same age.

Always inspired by the lyrical heroes in Hip Hop, he began writing his own raps to the tunes he made on the guitar.

His journey to Music and Forthcoming Single

With a burning passion for music and hunger to learn anything and everything he can, he started wrapping his head around music production.

After a couple of years of spending the time to understand his sound, he started putting together an album worth of content.

Arjé describes his music as therapy, a place where he can completely be himself and express fully.

It helps him come to terms with various aspects of his journey from turning out to be the black sheep of the family adorned with engineers and doctors to finding peace and happiness in who he has turned out to be.

Through his music, he narrates stories by rapping and singing in Hindi and English to music that resonates with the particular emotion.

His first single ‘Puppet’ is set to release in April.

Puppet is a (sarcastic) response of an average Indian kid to “log kya kahenge” (what will society say).

It reflects the conforming mentality in our society that just wants to farm a certain type of generation in the name of “getting settled” and having a “safe” life to maintain a certain level of the image in the neighbourhood.

A child is a brand new piece of humankind and should be encouraged to live his/her own life in their own ways as opposed to forcing them to fit into a box.

For further updates, stay in touch with Arjé through social media:

Instagram: @rjegram

Facebook: arjestunes

Twitter: @rjetweet

YouTube: @arjé

Website: www.arjesound.com

Check out Arjé’s version of Asli Hip Hop here:


Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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