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Rajiv Rai Planning to Make Gupt into a Franchise?

According to media reports, successful director Rajiv Rai is planning to make Gupt into a thriller franchise.

Speaking to a leading Bollywood portal, Rai said: “I haven’t really written a version of Gupt but I have a concept that I might want to do in a few years from now.

If I was to do Gupt 2 it won’t be a sequel as Kajol dies at the end and it ends happily.

I wouldn’t mind franchising Gupt if the story I write is better than the first one with a completely different story.

I might just use the title, the soul of the film and the names of the characters but the story and cast wise it will be a completely different film.

The idea is to show the audience a brand new film as they get bored watching the same thing.

I have to offer them something new every time. It’s something like the Bhatts have franchised the Murder series.”

He also said, “I think what I am directing (and written) now is one of the best murder mysteries ever written.

It’s a suspense, whodunit thriller, crime, action and emotional drama.

I haven’t worked so hard because I am doing a comeback of sorts after years.

My script is completely locked and bound with dialogues now.

It’s a complicated idea and a difficult subject but it’s a movie with a controlled budget.

The subject that I have worked out is not a sequel or remake.

People have approached me for many remakes including Johny Mera Naam, Vidhaata, Deewar, Trishul, Mohra, Gupt and Tridev.

I am not against sequels but right now the movie I am making is not a sequel of any of my earlier films.”

Gupt was a love triangle of sorts. Bobby Deol’s character, Sahil, was accused of murdering his stepfather Jaisingh Sinha, played by Raj Babbar.

Sahil’s childhood sweetheart Isha (Kajol) gets angry when Sahil’s father announces at a party that Sahil will marry Sheetal (Manisha Koirala).

The twists and turns form the crux of the narrative.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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