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Gujarat 11: Daisy Shah Impresses Cast & Crew with Her Punctuality

It’s a norm for audiences finding out stories of actors and stars being late on the sets for the shoot but lately, a story of something completely contrasting to this took place.

Recently a sequence of Gujarati film Gujarat 11 starring Daisy Shah was being shot in Mumbai.

The whole team of the movie were shaken when they saw a dedicated and determined Daisy already practising on the football field for her character that plays a football coach.

People in Gujarat are known for being punctual and thus the team of Gujarat 11 made sure that the whole crew and the cast were on time.

Daisy, who is herself a Gujarati surprised everyone by being on the sets of her shoot prior to everyone else training with her football coach.

“Earlier when we saw Daisy arrived and training before even anyone of us reached on the first day of the shoot we were very surprised.

But what fascinated us, even more, as this was not just a one-day phenomenon.

She was always the first on the sets and her dedication towards the role and the film was applaudable.” said one of the crew members.

In Gujarat 11, Daisy will be seen enacting a football coach who builds a football team consisting of kids from juvenile homes and leads them to glory.

The film is being shot in different parts of Mumbai and Gujarat and is directed by Chalk and Duster/Natsamrat fame director Jayant Gilatar.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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