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SOTY 2 Actor Tara Sutaria was Originally Aladdin’s Jasmine?

Tara Sutaria, who will be making her debut in Student Of The Year 2, was supposed to play Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin.

Speaking about this revelation, she says:

“I auditioned for Aladdin and I was supposed to play the character of Jasmine in that. I went to London and did a workshop with the director.

They wanted to find the right boy as well because the chemistry was also important. But then, it did not work out.

It is so ironic that I did not do that film but then he came on board and we ended up doing this one. It was really fun,” she said.

“I have no regret because soon after I auditioned and signed SOTY2.

Hopefully, in future, I will get some offer and then I can do both,” said the actress, who has been practising dance and music for many years before she entered the world of cinema.

From the age of five, she started learning western classical vocal music and she has been part of musical theatres like Raell Padamsee’s production of the musical Grease, Ashwin Gidhwani’s production Blame It On Yashraj.

Tara has already received praise for her singing, says being a trained vocalist, she wishes to be a Bollywood playback singer in the near future.

Her debut film releases on 10th May.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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