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Aastha Gill Talks About her New Single Saara India

Despite completing a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Aastha Gill always felt inclined to music… Even more so as her father is a music director.

She learnt the piano and vocal-classes as a child, she also took classes from her father.

Who knew during then, that she would be destined for great things? 

Aastha has beautiful vocals… One which is the soul of every party and entices the listener.

Having given her voice to super-hit tracks like Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai, DJ Waley Babu and Kamariya, she is back with a new single called Saara India. 

The music video released just two days ago and has been minting a high viewership and for good reason.

Like her previous single Buzz, we get to see the handsome hunk Priyank Sharma (of Bigg Boss fame) feature in the video.

Plus, it poses a new challenge for Aastha as there is no Badshah behind the song.

But given the catchy hook-line and foot-tapping music, we can say that the track will be a sure-shot chartbuster at every party and club scene. 

In a special interview, Aastha Gill talks to Filme Shilmy about her latest single Saara India and the launch of the #SaaraIndiaUKMashup challenge!

What encouraged you to release ‘Saara India’?

The song, beats and vibe of it!

It’s summer-time here in India and people want such a sound.

Your debut single ‘Buzz’ received a tremendous response. How (if at all) has this added pressure on you for ‘Saara India’?

The pressure on me is constant because, after every hit song of mine, I have to be either on par or better than that.

My fans expect good music from me. So the pressure is always on my head.

Finding a good song that is better or just as good as the previous one, takes time and that’s where I get stuck (laughs).

For me, ‘good music’ is one that moves you – emotionally and physically.

This is your first single without Badshah. What challenges did this pose to you?

No challenges as such. For ‘Buzz’ was as important to me as this song and vice-versa.

People on the outside can’t see Badshah, but he was always there at every stage of the song.

Whatever content I have or want to work on, I first take it to him.

Even if he wasn’t there on the screen, he was there behind the scenes.

I’ve not shared this with anyone, but he is the one who gave me the vision to be the best performer.

He once saw me perform and he told me, “You can be the Beyoncé from India.”

I could never forget that day and always remains on my mind.

You’ve collaborated with Priyank Sharma once again. How did your experience from ‘Buzz’ help you with this?

During ‘Buzz’, both of us were quite awkward when we shot the video as the director said that we had to be a little bit close and should look romantic.

I was like, “how should I do this? I don’t even know the guy!”

So because he already is an actor, he made me comfortable and helped me.

This time, for ‘Saara India’, we were much more comfortable… But showing the chemistry was tough as we are friends now! (Laughs)

However, because the song is so fun and peppy, we managed to do it.

I’m not at all camera friendly and my mind just wanders elsewhere when the camera is on… My expressions just change.

But then I worked on it. I was very awkward on ‘Buzz’ but (as we were working with the same director) I would go up to him and ask for feedback.

I’m still working on it, though.

Today, you’re also launching the #SaaraIndiaUKMashUp challenge. Tell us a bit about this trend and what do you hope to achieve from it?

All the budding music producers and VJs from the UK can remix my song ‘Saara India’ with any genre.

I want their flavour and tadka. They can just post and upload their versions of the song on social media by tagging me and Sony Music India and use that hashtag.

We will pick the best one!

It’s a great opportunity for all the VJs and producers to come out and shine. People should know of their work and capabilities.  

I love UK music and everyone in the world should know their sound.

Let’s talk a bit about your career. How did music come about for you?

I wanted to become a singer, but I thought that it wasn’t easy to make a mark in the industry.

For work purposes, I joined an advertisement agency.

My first song opportunity was ‘Dhup Chik’ from the film Fugly.

Raftaar was my college senior so he started working whilst I was still studying.

We used to go into the studios to dub songs casually and I never knew that he would become so big or introduce me to Badshah.

He called me once while I was working and told me this Bollywood song that I needed to dub.

I got fired because of that dubbing (laughs), but I have no regrets.

I dubbed my first song when I got fired from my last job!

The trend of recreating old Indian songs has led to criticisms and views that the Indian music industry is lacking creativity. What is your view on this?

I cannot say that they are running out of creativity, Indian music is so vast that they can never really run out of it.

Personally speaking, I think it’s a good thing to bring old music back with a new twist.

There’s nothing wrong in it, but criticism will always be there. You can’t help it.

But I’m happy with whatever is happening.

I would love to work on a remix, for sure.

Plus, Rap music is growing a lot more in India…

It sure is!

Plus, it is so good to see that people in India are responding to rap music.

Recently I got to know that Ranveer Singh launched his own label and signed-on three rap artists.

It is so good to see people opening to a genre that was barely known in India, once-upon-a-time.

Now, they’re taking it to new heights which is good because it helps in others opening up their minds and they are welcoming new music.

You’ve been the voice behind several popular party tracks. What other styles do you hope to explore in the future?

I would love to do a romantic number – which I’m working on.

In fact, I kind of did in the song ‘Heartless’ with Badshah.

With regards to being ‘typecast’ for singing mainly one particular genre, I am fine as long as people want to hear me.

At the end of the day, music is art. I just make music, deliver and chill.

Check out Saara India‘s music video here: 

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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