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Amit Kumar to Perform Showstopping UK Legacy Tour in Ode to Father Kishore Kumar

After sell-out concerts in India, Australia, USA, and the Middle East, iconic music star Amit Kumar and one of India’s most versatile artists returns to the UK with the sell-out ‘The Amit Kumar UK Legacy Tour’.

This will be in honour of his late father, the legendary music maestro Kishore Kumar, whose birthday will be celebrated on 4th Aug 2019 and he would have been 90 years old.

With multiple dates as part of a UK wide tour, Amit Kumar is set to entertain and enthral audiences with his incredible talent, as they are transported back in time to relive classic evergreen hits of yesteryear such as Yeh Shaam Mastani and Zindagi Ka Safar.

Some of the high-profile events as part of Amit Kumar’s Legacy Tour include:

  • An Audience with Amit Kumar at the Nehru Centre on the 17th June where Amit Kumar will reveal intrigued insights and never-before-heard information about his life… Growing up in the Bollywood film industry and the life of Kishore Kumar.
  • An Honorary Award Ceremony for Amit Kumar at the House of Commons hosted by Bob Blackman MP on the 18th June.
  • Intimate Gala Dinner and concert with Amit Kumar hosted by Madhus on Friday 21st June at the Heston Hyde Hotel, West London.
  • Up Close and Personal with Rajesh Khanna at the Heston Hyde Hotel, West London on 22nd June – an intimate gala dinner in honour of the legacy of the late legendary superstar actor Rajesh Khanna, with exclusive anecdotes from his best friend Bhupesh Raseen. This is interspersed with a live performance by Amit Kumar where he will be seen performing the superhit music from Rajesh Khanna’s films

Amit Kumar will also be performing to sold out concerts across the country at Becks Theatre in Hayes, West London (14th June), Queens Theatre in Hornchurch, East London (16th June) and De Montfort Hall in Leicester (23rd June).

Similarly, to his late father, Amit Kumar boasts an abundance of charisma, versatility, energy and talent and has collaborated with leading film stars and singers.

Speaking about his return to the UK stage, Amit Kumar said:

“Coming to the UK is like coming home, we have been performing in the UK since 1972, the love and support of people are endearing and as an artist, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

I am very excited and looking forward to performing at different locations across the UK.

It is amazing to see the power of music across different continents music is something which brings people and families together.

It’s no hidden secret that music has immensely changed over the years, but the beauty is love for music is never-ending.

People still shower the same amount of warmth and come out in numbers to support.”

Amit Kumar is a true artist and is dedicated to the art of original music.

He formed a production company, KBM – Kumar Brothers Music with his brother Sumit Kumar, which continues to offer new material to online music lovers.

After 50 years of musical contribution to the Indian film industry, Amit continues to stay loyal to his fans and offers melody, rhythm and lyrical value to each one of his listeners.

With his versatile recordings from KBM, Amit continues to diversify himself and stay current with a new generation of Bollywood Music Fans.

Amit Kumar’s debut album under his own banner ‘Baba Mere’ featured his daughter Muktika Ganguly.

The video is a touching dream sequence of Muktika Ganguly meeting her Grandfather Kishore Kumar for the first time.

The album was a collaboration between Amit Kumar and Leena Chandavarkar Ganguly, wife of late Kishore Kumar.

Amit Kumar achieved a milestone by being recognised as the first Indian artist across the globe to be awarded an esteemed accolade for “50 Years of Contribution to Indian Music” by the House of Commons.

The event was organised at the historic Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London – the heart of the UK government.

In December 2018 Amit Kumar celebrated his 50 years in Bollywood and stars and celebrities attended his gala celebration in Mumbai.

2019 continues and promised to be a rampant success path with the introduction of ‘The Amit Kumar UK Legacy Tour’.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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