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Emma Stone to Play Cruella De Vil

Disney has released the first look of Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil.

Donning the character, the actor adopts Cruella’s signature dual shade hair colour and holds several Dalmatian dogs.

At the D23 Expo in Anaheim on Saturday, Disney revealed a first look at Emma Stone in character as Cruella de Vil in the film titled Cruella, a live-action interpretation of the villain from 1961’s 101 Dalmatians.

The film, directed by Craig Gillespie, also stars Emma Thompson, as covered in the Hollywood Reporter.

In Disney’s tweet sharing the photo, Stone appears with Cruella’s signature two-shade hair colour, accompanied by several Dalmatian dogs. Her henchmen stand in the background.

The film is billed as an origin story set in the 1980s, following a young, punk-ish Cruella de Vil.

The character, infamous for kidnapping puppies to use their fur to make luxury coats, was last portrayed on the big screen by Glenn Close in the 1996 adaptation of 101 Dalmatians.

Disney has reportedly confirmed that Cruella is set for release May 28, 2021.

Stone recently won an Academy Award for Best Actress for playing an aspiring actress in the romantic musical La La Land.

She also received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Abigail Masham in The Favourite.

Emma also has Zombieland: Double Tap and Love May Fail in the pipeline.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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