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Double Comedy Dhamaal: An Evening of Laughter with VIP & Gaurav Sharma

For the first time at the Beck Theatre, Jays Entertainment presented Double Comedy Dhamaal, a Hindi laughter show featuring India’s top comedians, VIP and Gaurav Sharma.

The laugh-out-loud, the intimate event was hosted by Indian music director and playback singer Lyca Radio presenter Bali Bhrambhatt.

VIP has featured in Comedy Circus, Dekh India Dekh, Nautanki The Comedy Theatre, The Great Indian Family Drama and many more.

Furthermore, he has also starred in Bollywood films like Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan.

He is well known for his mimicry and can do instant mimicry of more than 150 Bollywood actors.

Recently, in 2017, he got a certificate from Guinness World Records UK for ‘World’s Fastest Mimicry Artist’. 

Sharing a few words of performing in London for the third time, VIP says:

“Tonight was full of Dhamaal because both our shows were successful.

When one mimics an actor, then their mannerism, body language and speech style must be closely observed. Only then we can mimic them.

People often say that I only do mimicry, but there is so much craft involved. It’s a god’s gift and we’ve been blessed with it.

Some bad friends of mine just use it to as a way to impress their girlfriends and say that they know certain actors and ring me… But the voice is mine (laughs).”

Gaurav Sharma, of Great Indian Laughter Challenge Fame, is well known for his super stand-up comedy.

In fact, two years ago, Gaurav worked with Jay’s Entertainment for the Super Six Comedy Night at Hammersmith Apollo.

Speaking about his collaboration with VIP, Jay Kotak and the team, Gaurav said:

“Through Jay Kotak, we both have performed before and he always endeavours to put on an entertaining show. 

He always expects great quality and we always give it our best shot. It always feels great to perform in front of the audience in London.

The viewers’ sense of humour here is amazing. I always try to bring some Indian political satire as a way of reuniting all of them to their country.

Plus, through this effort, I also try to convey a message through the laughter.”

The evening oozed of comedic gold including the influence of television/Bollywood on society – including the latest trends and patterns.

It was also brilliant to see Gaurav make jokes on gender stereotypes and plights of married couples.


Plus, his constant interaction with the audience made the punches and jokes much more enjoyable to resonate with.

Gaurav’s standup touched on recent issues/incidents in India including the Padmaavat controversy, Assaram Bapu’s imprisonment and Sanjay Dutt’s early prison release.

The comedy also extended to political satire which made humorous takes on India’s current social-political atmosphere.

However, the highlight of his solo act was when he made gigs on the typical studies and mannerisms of Gujaratis. This left the audience in stitches!

When it came to VIP’s act, his introduction was fantastic. Initially, Bali Bhrambhatt said that there was a special/surprise act… That of Oscar-winning Singer Sukhwinder Singh.

But of course, this was proven to be VIP and that started his set on mimicking many of Bollywood’s renowned singers.

This also included close interaction with the audience… A real winning act which also displayed his talent as a singer.

His act got even better by performing a segment about how legendary actors would’ve sounded if they were babies. His skill in using voice and sounds to describe a story/situation is par excellence.

VIP also made comical digs on stereotypes of different kinds of cinema which is fantastic.

Another hilarious moment arose when he brought a lady on stage claimed to perform ‘magic’ and mimicked ‘ghungroo’ noises… Which was so accurate!

He also requested a few other men who cannot dance on stage as he would teach these participants the signature steps of some reputed Bollywood heroes. The outcomes were hilarious and truly fun to observe.

Amazingly, VIP put on the voices of 52 actors/singers/political leaders… In a matter of just a few minutes.

It was quite an exclusive as he also mimicked two new voices – those being of Prakash Raj and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Overall, to bring a smile on people’s face and that too for a duration of two hours certainly is a challenge.

However, dream duo of VIP and Gaurav Sharma carried the fun-filled show entirely on their shoulders and left the audience rolling off their seats.

Congratulations to Jay’s Entertainment, Internal Music UK and the entire team for yet another fantastic show!

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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