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Dalljiet Kaur Opens Up On Bigg Boss 13 Eviction

Dalljiet Kaur has become the first housemate to be evicted from Bigg Boss 13, but despite the disappointment, her reaction is far from tears.

Having left an antagonistic role in the series Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, her objective was to show the world her reality.

Known for her performances like ‘Anjali’ in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Kaur was never seen as a housemate sitting on the fence and continued to make her points across.

Whilst she may not have been gung ho or hogging the limelight, she never maintained a silent presence in the house.

In a special interview with Filme Shilmy, Dalljiet reflects over her journey and how life has been for her since.

How are you feeling about becoming the first eviction of the season?

Not great. I definitely thought that I deserved to stay longer, especially because I was playing a real game and wasn’t putting up a façade. I was being myself.

I was very sure because my relationships become very strong over time, I was very sure I’d stay longer.

My bonds were building and it was barely two weeks. I was extremely shocked when I came to know that I’m the first contestant to be evicted.

Why do you feel this has happened? What do you think went wrong?

I think everyone came in with a story which they wanted to cover… Maybe some contestants like Paras wanted to have a love angle.

He had it all figured out because he’s done shows like Splitsvilla which has a similar pattern.

So it was easy for him to do things like that.

I have never done a show like this I don’t even have the time to watch reality shows because I’m busy with doing daily soaps and stuff.

My objective was to go and show who I was. I was very strong when it came doing the tasks. I was voicing my concerns and differences I had.

I never went in with any angle or by making a script in my head. Maybe I should have.

You reacted adversely when your son was referenced in conversations. How difficult is it to keep your cool in such circumstances?

It’s difficult because they are poking you through it.

I thought it was so unnecessary to drag my son in conversations just because Siddharth Dey wanted to not nominate Shefali because he has a connection with her.

In that context, to drag my son, just so that he (Siddharth) looks justified in that scenario did not make sense to me.

So I got very angry at the fact that some of the housemates dragged my son in the conversation just so they felt justified.

Plus I got angry at the fact that I wasn’t playing a single mother card, nor was I trying to gain sympathy, yet my family was being dragged in.

Having said that, I’m not someone who is all-over-the-place when I’m angry, I put across things nicely.

I actually thought I was rude when I was angry at that time. But when I came home and saw the clip, I was relieved to know I didn’t overdo it.

I was happy with the way I handled it.

Groups have started to form in the house. Do you feel it was a struggle to fit into them?

Honestly, I didn’t feel that groups were forming. There are 13 housemates, it’s not possible for everybody to like each other.

It was technically not possible for 13 people to sit together and get along.

It had to happen by the nature of the game and by the number of people there.

At the same time, Rashami and I knew each other from before, same goes for Aarti and me, so it was easier to connect instantly with them.

Then after that, I got connected with everyone eventually, but it was just two weeks down.

I don’t think there are strong groups from my perspective. I just think that it’s very obvious for people to segregate when there’s such a big crowd.

How have people reacted towards you after coming out of the house?

I came to know that I was trending whilst I was inside and people were talking about me, appreciated me for who I am.

My fans have known me for so many years and know that I wasn’t going to be an attention seeker.

Despite having such a fan-base, I was very surprised to be the first to go.

It is definitely saddening and disappointing.

Despite that it’s still early days, but who do you feel could be a potential winner and why?

It’s too early to answer, but I believe Siddharth Shukla will probably be one of the strong contenders.

He is not trying to be in the good books of anybody and is trying to be himself, without any pretence.

I cannot deny that he has anger issues but if he controls that, he makes a very strong player because in the task or otherwise, he doesn’t try to be good to someone as they are popular.

Even Rashami for that matter is very strong. So whilst it’s early to say who could win the show, I think these two will go a long way.

Which housemate do you least prefer or think has less potential in winning?

Siddharth Dey because whatever he says/speaks eventually has no value. Right from Ameesha Patel to Koena/Rashami or Siddharth Shukla, he’s hit under the belt for no reason.

He kept crying about how he wants to leave the house and there was a task where I had to put fish in his basket, giving him an opportunity to leave.

I kept telling him to prove the drama he did in front of the camera. Within two minutes he was picking up all the fishes.

We live 24-hours under the surveillance of multi-cameras out of which viewers get to see 40 minutes of the whole day and a few uncut clips on Voot.

The experience will not necessarily match the viewers’ opinions because they don’t know half of the things going on inside.

Though it’s only been two weeks in the house, what has been the biggest learning for you?

It was just two weeks but a long time for me to be away from my son. The longest time I had been away from him was 3 days. 

When I missed him, it physically pained my chest… A pain which I never felt before.

Also, waking up in front of the cameras and being monitored all day long is quite a stress.

Though I was trying to open up, meeting people and relationships were forming, I was actually very excited to see how the third week goes. 

As Dalljiet, I know that my relationships are very honest and the fact that no one burst my matki, was a testament to that.

It was because I was good to everybody and there was dignified respect that we felt for each other.

The third week would’ve been exciting to see, but two weeks taught me that I cannot say or be a part of something fake. 

I’m proud of myself for being righteously able to put a point across. In the house, I learnt to speak up and voice it out.

Now that you’ve done Bigg Boss, what are your future plans now?

I’m hoping to attract good work as Bigg Boss is a very big reality show and I’ve received positive feedback for how I really am.

I hope that producers/makers on the channel are observing and give me good work, better platforms and really excited about this phase of my life.

It is so encouraging to be appreciated and respected as the first person to be evicted. 

Listen to Dalljiet Kaur’s Full Interview Here:


Exiting first is never an easy experience, but to participate in a highly-emotional show like Bigg Boss and leave in a dignified manner deserves appreciation.

Bigg Boss 13 airs every day from 21:30 on Colors TV.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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