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Koena Mitra: “I Was Extremely Disappointed By Salman’s Attitude Towards Me”

‘Saaki Saaki’ girl Koena Mitra has become the second evictee of Bigg Boss 13 and has since expressed her views on her exit.

Koena has finally opened up on her elimination after her exit from the show and what she is the most upset about is host Salman Khan’s support for ‘Punjabi ki Katrina Kaif’ Shehnaaz Gill.

In the latest episode, we saw Shehnaaz and Koena’s big fight during the ‘ghalatfehmi ke gubbare’ task when the former burst the latter’s balloon saying Sanaa is playing a dirty game mocking at her etc.

Salman had jumped to Shehnaaz’ defence leaving Koena speechless which Koena didn’t agree to.

Khan told her that this show’s format isn’t such and a contestant is supposed to entertain the audience while the Musafir actress kept trying to make him understand how Sanaa offends by ill-talking behind her back.

The host also mentioned how Koena has at times used terms like “servant” and “uneducated” for the housemates including Shehnaaz.

She defended herself saying it was in retaliation and eventually Mitra gave in after Salman convinced her that the show demands this.

Subsequently, Salman’s alleged support towards Shehnaaz sparked a debate on social media, many of whom believed that the Khan was unfair towards Koena.

In a media interview, reacts to these claims:

“In the first Weekend Ka Vaar, I felt he (Salman Khan) was cold with me and when Siddharth Dey started talking rubbish and then lied about it, thank god that video was aired.

I tried to keep my point, where Salman didn’t give me a chance to keep my point.

Salman didn’t give me a chance to talk. The first weekend, I was obviously offended by him, I felt it was one-sided, he should have given me the chance to talk.”

She adds:

“And in the second weekend, when I started talking about Shehanaaz mocking me, Salman immediately defended her saying people are loving it and when I came outside the house I saw the reality that no one is loving it.

Everyone is criticising, everybody is questioning her credibility, what work has she done.

No one knew about her before she entered the house, when I left the house I realised audiences reaction is exactly opposite of what Salman had said which means he was personally defending her and this didn’t go down well with audiences.”

When Koena had said in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode that the audience does not only like drama but they appreciate dignity, grace and strong values, Salman had replied back saying this isn’t the platform to do that.

Koena next, lashed out at this statement too, in her interview:

“And when I questioned him that audiences won’t like dignity, grace, strong values and principles, he said yeh sabke liye alag platform hai, which means he officially said this show does not require dignity, then why are we showing it on national television.

 We are on national television to set an example for people.

We try to inspire and motivate them so that they follow your path, which was my goal that my personality should be appreciated and accepted and I am proud that I have done that.”

The furious Koena expresses her displeasure to not allowing to be heard:

“In the entire conversation, Salman was not letting me talk and whenever I was talking and making sense, he was turning it upside down and he gave an idea to the Indian audience that this show doesn’t require dignified, educated, wise women.

He said: ‘Ye platform ye sabke liye nahi hai’, toh ye platform Kyun hai Hindustan mai? Kis cheez ke liye hai, aap kya promote Karna chahte hai?

When I was sitting there in the Weekend Ka Vaar, I felt Salman was against me and he was playing the guardian for Sana. I was extremely disappointed by Salman’s attitude towards me”.

Not only this, but Koena also questions her eviction after she realised post-exit that the public loves her, asking “who evicted me?”

 “I am extremely happy, you know why? I had gone out in a supermarket to buy something and I was overwhelmed with the public reaction when they saw me.

I didn’t see the time I had left half an hour before the show was on the air, I saw the love for me in their eyes.

They loved me the way I am, and now everyone is fighting for me as they are not happy with my eviction, and the reaction by Salman towards me, so my question is who has evicted me?

If Janta is showing me so much of love and support outside the house, then who evicted me?”

Both Dalljiet and Koena were evicted this weekend in a surprise double eviction.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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