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Bigg Boss 13: Fights & False Accusations Amidst Snakes and Ladders Task

Conflicts, tension, accusations, rising tempers and a lot of drama is in store for the viewers tonight.

Last night during the snakes and ladders task, Paras and Sidharth mess around with each other’s ladders and eventually break it.

Out of rage, Sidharth declared that if anyone breaks his ladder, he would destroy everyone else’s

Baring Shehnaz, he turned everyone’s plank upside down.

Fuming tempers brought out the worst out of the task and put captain Aarti in a tough spot… Playing the ‘woman card’, Mahira accused Sidharth of pushing her, when it was clear she pushed him first.

Some severe accusations were put on Aarti for being unfair.

Rashami and Sidharth also locked horns again when he tried to overturn her plank.

Sidharth later targeted Devoleena and she breaks down. Soon, an innocent Devoleena becomes a fearless warrior and did the unthinkable.

Once again, the contestants are using all their might to redeem themselves from the nominations.

But the second day brings the worst out of the contestants giving rise to multiple fights. A new day resembling a fresh start, Bigg Boss wakes them up on a zestful song, ‘Malhari’.

Clearly, the house has been divided into two parts increasing the tension.

In the morning, a fight breaks out after Devoleena makes it very clear that she will now cook food only for her team members and not for anyone from the opponent team.

Asim gets restless and starts making his own breakfast.

Shehnaz intervenes and shifts the pans kept on the gas stove and in the bargain ends up dropping a pan filled with oil and mustard seeds on the ground.

The verbal fight escalates and the two groups decide to cook separately going forward.

In the middle of the day, Bigg Boss resumes the snakes and ladder task for one last time.

Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz and Asim re-group to strategize on how to play the second leg of the game. But in no time, the fight gets nasty again.

Each group concentrates on destroying the ladders while protecting whatever they have managed to make.

Shehnaz tries to instigate Siddhartha Dey by going near him and threatens to throw mud at him. But Siddhartha gets aggressive and makes heartfelt comments targeting Shehnaz.

Simultaneously, Asim gets aggressive towards Mahira and starts throwing chunks of mud at her.

When the first dice roll happens Aarti decides to give a chance to Shehnaz and she gets on the sixth number on the scoreboard.

As the contestants get more agitated, Bigg Boss decides to put the task on hold, once again. Shehnaz breaks down and blows an attack at Shefali.

The verbal attack takes full speed and things soon get out of control.

Everyone tries to calm each other down, but Shefali couldn’t take the insults she was subject to and in all her anger starts packing her bags.

Will Shefali Bagga quiet the show? Will the contestants make peace with each other?

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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