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Salman Khan BLASTS BB13 Housemates on Weekend Ka Vaar Episode

With the festive vibes taking over the house, all the contestants are decked up in their best Diwali attire to greet superstar host Salman Khan.

Glowing with a happy mood they wish Salman a very happy and prosperous Diwali, oblivious of what’s in store for them.

An explosive Weekend Ka Vaar awaits them which is definitely going to change the game. For better or worse? Only time will tell. 

And it all begins with, Salman Khan, sardonically praising  the contestants for delivering an outstanding performance in the past week and making him, the viewers, their relatives and everyone immensely proud.

Sarcastically, again, he also makes a remark on their language, calling it excellent and full of respect.

Getting a hint from Salman’s mood regarding discontinued tasks, grievances and unreasonable allegations, the contestants knew karma is going to hit back. 

While contestants like Shefali and Sidharth Dey face Salman’s wrath for disrespecting Shehnaz and stooping to a level which is unacceptable, the others too are reprimanded for their mistakes.

Disappointed with Shefali, Salman questions her about ridiculing Shenaz’s character, further losing his calm when she tries to defend Siddhartha Dey.

Expressing strong objection against the words used by Siddhartha Dey during the task, Salman didn’t spare him either.

Closed for any kind of explanations, Salman was astonished to see the other women unaffected, when one was being character shamed in the house.

Fingers are raised on Paras too, when Salman upfrontly asks him about the issues he has with him, advising him to change his attitude.

To lighten the atmosphere the winner of Bigg Boss season 6, Urvashi Dholakia and her co-contestant Sana Khan make a grand entry into the house.

Surprising the contestants and making sure their Diwali is worth it, they kickstart some Diwali preparations together and play fun games.

Dividing the contestants into two groups – one Captained by Urvashi & the other by Sana, the two get the contestants to do a task that included ‘decorating diyas’ and ‘making sweets’.

Both the teams had to do their best in both rounds to win the prize. 

When one gets off track from reality, a reality check is much needed.

To give them a taste of it Salman skipped the shower task this week and replaced it with ‘Thappad’, also because the contestants were beautifully dressed for Diwali.

Reminding the viewers that they will soon witness double the drama, Salman reveals two wild card contestants  who will be entering the house next week and taking the game to a new level. 

How will the contestants react to Salman’s anger? Who are the two wild card contestants joining the contestants inside the house next week? 

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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