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Bigg Boss 13: Fight to Finale Underway; Wild-Cards Keep a Close Eye

Bigg Boss’ Home delivery task has been testing the integrity and loyalty of the contestants.

Amidst all the planning and plotting, each contestant is fighting for their survival.

Two buzzers down and post-Devoleena and Shehnaz’s delivery, Shefali is seen standing confused on whether or not to give an extra point to Paras.

She finally decides to play neutral and not give her delivery to either of the three boys.

Shefali seems a bit unsure of her game as she is dicey of supporting Paras knowing that he would choose Mahira and take her ahead to the next level.

A dejected Shefali was seen trying her best to manipulate the girls to listen to her and stay neutral so each girl gets a fair chance on a voting basis if the game reaches a draw.

The girls need to play smart as one boy will win the ticket to finale basis the choices the girls make.

With a heavy head and unaware of what’s in store for them, they retire for the night.

The morning wake up song ‘Chalo Ishq Ladaaye’ brings back the energy and enthusiasm.

Decked up for today’s task the housemates start prepping up with their strategies amongst their respective groups.

While Sidharth Shukla, Asim, Aarti and Shehnaz stand strong by each other’s side, the opposition team is dealing with an issue after Shefali decides to go against her team members.

Bigg Boss announces the day’s task and all three boys place fruit salad as a part of their order.

Aarti fights against the majority of girls to become the delivery girl but Rashami promises her that they will give her a chance in the next round.

However she goes back on her words and at the same time, Rashami drops a bomb and insists on becoming the delivery girl herself. 

An angry Aarti reacts and a fight ensues.

Standing strong and supporting Aarti, Shehnaz fights against this unjust behaviour.

Towards the end of the day Shefali, Aarti and Shehnaz come together and devise a plan to pull the task to a draw.

While they are completely oblivious to what is happening on the other side of the house, the contestants are being watched by the wild card contestants:

Shefali Jariwala (‘Kanta Laga’ girl), Tehseen Poonawalla and Khesari Lal Yadav.

Which boy’s loyalty will be put to the test tonight? Who will the lucky girl be, to get the ticket to the finale?

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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