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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Selcouth: Shiamak Davar’s Masterpiece Leaves Audience Immersed & Impressed

Shaimak Davar’s biggest blockbuster Selcouth, an exceptional show came back after popular demand.

Celebrated choreographer, Shiamak Davar delivers everything he promises to with his venture SELCOUTH- a rare, unusual, marvellous and wonderful contemporary dance show organized at NCPA Mumbai on 3rd November.  

Best known for modernizing India’s dance, Shiamak Davar enthralled performing arts ‘enthusiasts’ boasting of names such as:

Ranveer SinghVikram PhadnisVJ Andy, VJ Kamal Sidhu, Dhvani Bhanushali, Shakti Mohan, Siddharth Roy Kapurindustrialist Mr Anand Mahindra alongside other famous personalities like Smita ThackerayUSA Consul General Mr David Ranz were mesmerised with his contemporary dance show Selcouth.  

 A blend of contemporary and modern dance with ballet as the base, Selcouth aimed at depicting what life is all about.

With the power of dance, illustrating everything ranging from dance, drama, love and humour.

 Shiamak beautifully managed to take the audience through a terrifying journey to things which people do not see, through his contemporary dance, beautifully presented by his energetic dance team.  

Commenting on this, star performer and Bollywood megastar Ranveer Singh says:

“Selcouth is an extraordinary performance and I am honoured to share the stage with Shiamak and his Company.

The performance was a blend of varied emotions and I was at the tip of my seat to witness an illustrative perspective of what life is all about.

This performance was an absolute visual treat and cannot be compared to any other performance, it is pure art and dance.”

Shiamak Davar also talks about his passion for dance and how that translates through Selcouth:

“Dance for me is not passion, not profession, but a marvellous splendour of spark that sets you apart from the ordinary.

When you hear your soul, your body should create a movement that only you can feel, that is exactly what Selcouth is all about…Where your mind shares thoughts that only you can understand.

I am grateful for the entertainment industry to always encourage Selcouth, so blessed to have my dance team who surrender themselves to Dance,” he says. 

“We completed over 30 shows of Selcouth and I was overwhelmed at the response from the audience.

This movement is very different from what people generally see; this is a pure dance that moves your spiritual mind.

I’m glad we could bring the show back. Selcouth is very close to my heart and creatively something that I look forward to every time we do it” adds Shaimak.

Exploring varied emotions, the audience was at the tip of their seats, curious for surprises, unexpected visual treats and technique par excellence.

Shiamak has certainly opened the battlefield and set a standard that seems impossible to match.  

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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