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Vir Das Marks Homecoming with Stand-Up Special on Netflix

Vir Das is back to tell a tale of his growing years and what he has learnt about India in his upcoming standup special, which streams on Netflix during 26th January 2020.

In his standup special titled Vir Das: For India, he takes his audience on a journey of what it means to be an Indian.

In his unique style of comedic storytelling, Vir delivers a riveting performance in For India as he talks about his favourite cultural moments, people, modern traditions and films. 

When asked about developing the special, Vir said:

Netflix and I decided to try and send some Indian culture out to the world. A show about what it means to be Indian. It was a tough thing to find in India that all of us could hopefully relate to.

Finally, I just thought India would be in the small things as much as the large.

From our architecture to our biscuits, from our major values to our Chyawanprash, from our current newsworthy events to our Tinkle comics.

For India is my third outing with Netflix, but this one’s special. It’s about all of us.

From dipping Parle-G in chai to every 80s and 90s Indian kid’s experience with Chyawanprash, the Indian comic takes us down memory lane and paints a relatable picture of our country.

He shares… Well, essentially, anything and everything that encapsulates ‘India’ to him.

In addition to this, media reports have also confirmed that the ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ spin-off will guest star Vir Das and Preity Zinta.

The spin-off series, tentatively titled Magic Motor Inn, centres around an Indian family whose daughter attends school with Eddie (played by Hudson Yang).

As such, Das (as DC) and Zinta (as Meena) will be playing the daughters’ parents.

Vir Das became the first Indian to have his own Netflix special, Abroad Understanding. Promoting the special, Das made his late-night American TV debut on Conan.

His set was received a tremendous very well and has gained more than 2.6 million views on YouTube to date.

In addition, he has been invited back on the TBS show multiple times since.

Earlier last year, Das made his American primetime series debut with a co-starring role on the ABC light drama series Whiskey Cavalier.

Watch the Vir Das – For India trailer here:


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