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Rasika Dugal & Mukul Chadda Collaborate First Time for Banana Bread

Real-life couple Rasika Dugal and Mukul Chadda are all set to surprise the audience with their first collaboration on a short film.

As everyone around the world is trying to make the most of their time during this lockdown, Rasika and Mukul have collaborated with Terribly Tiny Talkies to tell a fun story that is extremely relevant for these times. 

The couple has not only contributed as actors but have also written the film together. They hope to do more work together under their newly created banner Fankaar Films.

Abiding by the lockdown rules the film was shot by them in their home and directed remotely by Srinivas Sunderajan.

Talking about the shooting experience Rasika said: “I felt the need to create something to explore, in a fun way, the myriad feelings of these strange times.

I was also excited about taking on the challenge to shoot from home.

To see if we could set up the frame, shoot the film, arrange the props, record sound, keep continuity, take care of hair and make-up, manage the files, transfer the footage.

Basically, double up for an entire film unit. It was a lot of work but also great fun. Also, this is my first attempt at writing. So many firsts on this one!”

Mukul added: “When Rasika first suggested we shoot something in the lockdown, I jumped at it. Between the humdrum of household chores, we fitted in a time slot to brainstorm.

Coffee and Ideas – that was the exciting part of the day. We started with four concepts, developed this one, wrote a draft, refined it, and voila – we had a script.

And then TTT and Vaas (the director) came on board and added momentum to it all.

Shooting in lockdown was intense – we had to quadruple up on duties – but also felt very rewarding.”

Directed by Srinivas Sunderajan, ‘Banana Bread’ is out now on YouTube.

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