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Adil Hussain Speaks Pareeksha UK Premiere on Love LIFF At Home

Adil Hussain, the award-winning Indian actor is set to impress us yet again in the highly-anticipated movie, Pareeksha.

The Prakash Jha directorial is a rousing story of hope and determination highlighting some of the gaping social inequalities facing many low-income families in the developing world.

Buchhi (played by Adil), a rickshaw puller dreams of his son getting a private education but this desire sends him on a dangerous path that could damage all that he has built.

Hussain talks with Filme Shilmy about the film.

Your ‘In conversation’ on Pareeksha will be taking place as part of www.LoveLIFFAtHome.com – What are you most looking forward to?

Well, this is the first time in the world I guess for the entire humanity, that film festivals are happening online.

It is also intriguing for me to see how people will adapt to this new way of celebrating films and people’s conversations in a virtual medium.

What I am looking forward to, is to observe the differences that will arise due to the lack of nuances of body language, the electrifying physical presence of two human beings conversing where the audience can see us from head to toe.

I wonder what percentage of meaning will be communicated to the audience while they watch us in the virtual space.

“In conversation” with the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” director Peter Webber was for me, one of the most exciting conversations I’ve had.

He is a very sensitive director who has directed actors from different parts of the world and had to deal with actors coming from different cultures and different schools of acting.

His questions were poignant, to the point and rapid. I had very little time to think before answering. That was very new to me.

The film will show a common man’s dream to do whatever it takes to provide a better life for his son. How much could you resonate with this concept?

I grew up in a small town. I was educated in a public school. I have seen people in my neighbourhood struggling to pay the school fees for their children.

This struggle of educating one’s child in an adequate institution had been and still is an unresolved issue in India.

Going by your filmography, you seem to understand and grasp the characteristics of a common man. What has been your approach as an actor for this film?

The points of identification are my first steps towards finding the role and I draw a great deal from my personal associations of people who I know, I have seen, have met, have experienced.

Then, of course, the director’s vision. Then I put them together as efficiently, and as transparently as possible.

Director Prakash Jha also has a great vision for telling stories that highlight socio-political environments. This movie is also based on real events and people. What conversations do you hope to evoke with this?

I hope that the audience members in India especially become acutely aware of 60 per cent of the population whose education had been perpetually underfunded.

I hope that the central government and the state governments make high-quality education– primary, middle school and higher education– completely free for all citizens.

Since the movie will have a www.zee5.com OTT release, how do you think the reactions/reviews will differ had it released theatrically?

Frankly, I have no idea. Having said that, there will be always a certain difference which may not necessarily be a disadvantage for the film.

One could also have a very personal and intimate experience watching the film alone on the Zee 5 OTT platform.

But I also cannot deny the overwhelming experience of watching a film on the big screen in a cinema hall.

Tickets for a limited screening are now available for the UK Premiere of Pareeksha on Saturday 27th June, Love LIFF At Home here.

Subsequently, the movie will have a digital release on ZEE5.

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