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Shehzad Deol Opens Up on Bigg Boss 14 Eviction

Shehzad Deol is an Indian model and actor who rose to fame after participating in the reality show Top Model India and emerging as a finalist on Ace Of Spades.

After constantly making his stance and wholeheartedly participating in tasks during Bigg Boss 14, he was evicted with Sidharth Shukla’s team – in a shocking exit.

Since he has left the house, there have been a lot of objections raised, questioning the fairness of his departure. 

Filme Shilmy speaks with Shehzad to know more about his experience and eviction. 

Sad to see you leave the Bigg Boss house in such a manner. How shocked were you when Pavitra was indirectly suggested to reconsider who she nominates for the shock eviction on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode?

I was really confused. I was amazed as to why is she being forced to take my name when she’s not willing to. She doesn’t want to take my name.

So, the seed is being forced into her head. But even if such a thing is happening, I was still okay because I have the numbers with me to the numbers were even up to it’s not working for me.

I was like okay, given I’m going to get one vote and it’s going to be five and four, then Eijaz also voted for me. I don’t know.

So you have to look at it very intelligently for the people sitting on corners. Yeah, people sitting on corners voted for me, for the football, for me. And the last more was for me, right?

Even after that, I had the numbers in my favours, as I had just two votes and the other people alongside had four votes each. 

But the thing that took me back, is that a tiebreaker is among two people who are in that situation. 

So the tiebreaker is going to be amongst Jaan and Abhinav and you ask the seniors to decide among those two. Why in the hell was I brought out in that situation by just having the least number of votes?

That is what was funny to me.

The fact that you obviously did take stands and made your presence felt on the show, that must’ve posed as a threat to the other contestants as well?

That is what the point I’m trying to make. Right?  I’ve seen Bigg Boss for so many years, I’m a big fan of the show.

So when I went in, I went in that I’m not going to get about what my fellow contestants are going to think about me, because their opinion doesn’t matter to me.

For me, to survive in the show, the only thing that is going to matter is the public’s opinion that I have to the end, I have to be myself. I’m not going to go and go ahead and do a job, chaploosi, a**-licking kind of thing.

I am not going to be affordable to someone because that is not me. That is not me as a person. That’s not many itself.

My only strategy in the game was to survive was to be the because if I’m going to myself, if I’m used my thoughts, the audience is going to see that and they want to like me.

That is what has happened. I’ve got immense following and love and respect from the people who are viewers.

But on the other hand, what happened was the ideology of the game changed. I don’t know what is going to happen this week.

For two weeks, continuously contested voting happened. That was I guess I wasn’t aware of this in the first place then I would’ve made my strategies, my game plan A.

According to it, I would have had my own alliances.

With everyone finding a group or person to dote upon in the house, did you feel somewhat isolated and lonely after Sara’s eviction?

I don’t know why it was shown like that, but to tell you the truth I was a little low for half a day and that’s it. Because the next day the tasks came and I was all in the task. I was again making my point.

I was again taking my own stand. I was not backing down. But yeah, there was nothing happening in the house.

I took to a corner and just sat alone for a little time.

Obviously, when you bond really well with someone, you just start to form that friendship and when all of a sudden that person gets to go with that person and believe it’s going to take a toll on your mental situation and you need some time off.

That is what just happened. But it was continuously played on for like three, four days is what I’m amused and not able to understand, because that is not what the case was inside the house.

There have also been comments made that the show is safeguarding Jaan to keep him in the house. What’s your opinion on this?

Honestly, the thoughts are coming to me, and I really find it funny to watch this happening because if you count the voting, he has the least number of votes.

So the trend that and the polls that I’ve seen, the feedback that I’ve got, he’s getting the least number of votes.

If it was in public and he was out. Just for argument’s sake, it’s not in the hands of the public. But to survive in the show like this, you need to have a personality suitable, right?

Jaan is very sweet as a person, very sweet as a person. He’s a sweetheart. I believe that as I’ve spent time with him.

That person is not made for Bigg Boss. Or maybe that’s his charm. It’s not made public, but that is why they’re keeping him in the house. Maybe that he’ll explode one day.

But I’m going to give it to you in writing, he won’t.

He gets influenced very easily. He doesn’t have his own stand and doesn’t have his own point of view. And even if he tries to make his own point of view, it gets overshadowed.

There’s nothing wrong with the person. But that person is in the wrong show when you have a nice personality.

You also felt extremely disappointed with Eijaz as well. Would you be interested in trying to make amends or clarifying things when he comes out?

If I go back in, for all you know, I may not make amends for sure. Just for Eijaz Khan. I’m not going to hold grudges for anyone else I know.

I would not hold on to things and carry the old baggage that has already happened. Like, for example, with Nikki, I’d not hold anything against her or any such thing.

But with Eijaz, I need to set an example straight. Obviously, he never promised me that he’s not going to work here because everyone was going to work each other out.

But the way he did it all of a sudden and the person he did it over, I mean, I was the one who was spending the most amount of time with Eijaz for 15 days.

All of a sudden, he spends like a day or a day and a half with Jaan and he’s closer to him than me.

A person with whom we shared with our own personal stories. But I don’t believe that it was like him. It was a very unbelievable situation for me.

Since coming out of the house, Shehzad has a few songs in the pipeline which could be releasing soon.

Bigg Boss 14 airs every day at 21:30 on Colors TV UK.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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