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Former Housemates to Enter Bigg Boss 14 as ‘Challengers’

Bigg Boss has remained synonymous with being unpredictable. While the most unexpected twists have taken our breath away multiple times, the biggest twist of the season is now in store!

Some of the most dramatic and popular ex-contestants are now set to change the course of the game as challengers from hear on and create a make or break situation for the current contestants.

The challengers entering the game will be the ultimate mastermind Vikas Gupta, the original reality queen Rakhi Sawant, the pride of commoners Manu Punjabi and the real player Rahul Mahajan, the headstrong Kashmera Shah and the drama queen Arshi Khan

While Rahul Mahajan will show the contestants how to play a real game, Vikas Gupta will make the contestants realise who the real king of the game is.

Rakhi Sawant will be back on the show after 13 years and add her quirks.

Manu Punjabi will reprise his time inside the house of giving tough competition to the celebrities, while Kashmera Shah will show the contestants how to play a game without backstabbing.

Arshi Khan on the other hand will add the much-needed drama and entertainment to the show.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode was packed with entertainment.

The housemates are presented with the opportunity to choose the contestant they feel deserves to be ousted from the Bigg Boss house.

As such, they have to stick to their chosen candidates’ picture on a football and literally, kick them out of the house!

First up is Aly who feels Pavitra deserves to be eliminated and evicted from the house as he does not understand her game.

Pavitra, in return, nominates Aly as she feels that Aly has entered the house only to support Jasmin and that he does not want to play the game.

Eijaz Khan determinedly sticks Nikki’s picture on the ball as he kicks it hard and says that she lacks manners and is rather irritating.

Abhinav nominates Rahul Vidya and says that his game is over in the house. In a funny moment, Rahul nominates Abhinav in return and slips while kicking the ball that has Abhinav’s face on it!

The housemates break into laughter as an embarrassed and red-faced Rahul smiles on!

Next up, packed with full-on entertainment singer Neha Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar enter the house.

A newly-married Neha says that she is on the lookout for her dream Bhabhi!

She selects the three single girls in the house; Jasmin, Nikki and Pavitra and asks them to perform a task to see whether one among them could be her dream Bhabhi!

The trio, one by one, have to guess Tony Kakkar ki Mann Ki Baat! Pavitra impresses Neha who jokes with Eijaz that she plans to make Pavitra her Bhabhi!

Jasmin correctly guesses exactly what Tony is mimicking and their exchange leaves the housemates in splits.

Nikki enters into a romantic phone conversation with Tony and promises him that she will meet him once she leaves the house!

Who will be the lucky housemate who wins the title of Neha Kakkar’s Bhabhi? And who will be that unlucky housemate who will get nominated for eviction?

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