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Chaskela: An OHO Gujarati Original Series Celebrating Friendship

OHO Gujarati, India’ premium Gujarati content platform is back again with yet another wonderful OHO Original series, Chaskela.

With all episodes releasing for worldwide streaming on June 10, 2021, the series follows the life and explores the friendship of 6 close friends.

Directed by Anish Shah, the sitcom-format series follows the sweet-bitter conversations of 6 friends, who decide to meet every week at their friends’ house, to help him get over a tumultuous separation.

These meetings enable each one to discover a way to deal with their worries and life crisis by making the best out of their weekend sessions.

Exploring various real-life topics from marriage as an institution and its relevance in today’s world, love marriage vs arranged marriage to misplaced ideas about feminism and patriarchy & subjugation, the makers of the series believe it will not only relate but also strike a chord with its audiences.

The 6-episode series, Chaskela, will feature prominent actors in the lead role of the close friends with Shivam Parekh as Saurabh, Sharvary Joshi as Charmi, Sanjay Galsar as Mihir, Deeksha Joshi and Radhika, RaunaqKamdar as Brijesh and Tatsat Munshi as Niket.

While each character hails from a different family and financial background, they all a very discernible point of view on life and various issues faced.

Sharing about the upcoming series, Abhishek Jain, Co-founder, OHO Gujarati said: “We all have a group of close friends, but even within that circle, we have that one person with whom we relate and connect the most.

This series while showcasing the close friend’ fun yet not-so-perfect world will highlight the beautiful bond of friendship shared among them.

As all the characters are in their 20s, each friend represents a milieu, mindset, and value system, which truly defines the struggles of men and women in their mid-20s, hence making the series relatable, especially to the younger audience.

And while we are all at our respective homes, away from our friends and family, we believe, this series will set our audience on a trip down their memory lane, reminiscing the memorable times spent with their close friends and family.”

Streaming live on OHO Gujarati from June 10, 2021, take a look at the trailer to get ready to enjoy the journey with these close friends.

To watch all the episodes of Chaskela and other premium Gujarati content, download the OHO Gujarati app available on Google Play & Apple Store. The app is available on Firestick too.

Watch our exclusive interview with Deeksha Joshi here:

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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