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Friday, September 22, 2023

Vidya Balan: “There is a ‘Sherni’ in Each One of Us”

After delivering some powerful performances in films like Ishqiya, The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, to name a few, Vidya Balan is on the prowl once again with Amit Masurkar’s Sherni.

The film, which streams on Amazon Prime Video, narrates the story of an upright Forest Officer – who strives for balance in a world of man-animal conflict while she also seeks her true calling in a hostile environment.

We managed to catch up with Vidya and she talks about several topics regarding Sherni, as well as how the film will address patriarchy. She says:

“We underestimate women who are in traditionally male-dominated bastions like the armed forces, police or the forest department because we haven’t seen enough women in these divisions.

Vidya Vincent, the character I portray, is introverted and reserved. She is not the kind who will fight back, which makes her task all the more challenging.

She realises that she has to use her voice when required. Her journey mirrors that of the tigress and vice versa.”

The ‘Sherni’ (meaning ‘tigress’) almost seems metaphorical, where the protagonist navigates this jungle of social barriers and constructs.

Balan also touches on how it awakens the inner brave heart within us. She also references her background/beginnings to highlight this.

“I think there is a daredevil in each one of us because we all dare to dream and dare to challenge the world and fight various odds to live our lives. In that sense, I will say there is a ‘Sherni’ in each one of us, who has strived to live our dreams,” Vidya says. She further adds:

“I began my career as an outsider to the film industry and it’s been a wonderful journey so far. I think ups and downs are part of any journey and you cannot do away without the downs.

I consider the downs to be a wonderful part of my journey too. All my experiences, good or bad, have only made me stronger.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Sherni Vidya Balan here: 

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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