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Cutting: Gujarati Salon Carries Cinematic Conversations

OHO Gujarati, India’ premium Gujarati content platform has been consistently delivering heart-warming stories since its launch in April this year.

The next OHO Original is no different. The upcoming series, Cutting, is set for worldwide release on June 20, 2021. This is a series of fun yet amusing conversations that take place in a salon.

Cutting, an OHO Original, takes place in your neighbourhood salon, which is neither an extra-luxurious space nor a roadside open-air barber vaanand (like a make-shift stall).

Any neighbourhood salon is characterised as a place where a majority of Indian’ prefer to get a haircut. A place where most people talk their hearts out.

A place where massage, facial or a scrub, all means the same thing. A place where some old-time movies/songs are always playing on the TV for no good reason.

A place, which witnesses some of the most interesting conversations, from Virat Kohli’s performance in the latest match to how the world came into existence. And ‘Perfect Look Salon’, is an archetype of any real-life neighbourhood salon.

Featuring the loyal customers of Perfect Look Salon, each episode explores interesting and delightful conversations between the barber and the customer.

The series also subtly emphasising the fact, that once someone chooses a barber, he becomes the person’ barber for a lifetime, a standard phenomenon which is witnessed in most people’s life in India.

Directed by Pratik Rajen Kothari, Cutting, an OHO Original, features Mayur Chauhan aka Michael and Hemang Shah in the lead role as the barbers of Perfect Look Hair Salon.

The series is written by Abhinav Vaidya; produced by Nayan Jain, Abhishek Jain, Amit Desai and Suryadeep Basiya and presented by Cineman Productions and Khushi Advertising.

Speaking about the series, Cutting, Abhishek Jain, Co-founder, OHO Gujarati said: “In India, our neighbourhood salon is one place which may not be visited over a weekday, but it’s the most happening hangout zone over a weekend.

And spending some time there while getting the weekly, relaxing haircut or shaving or massage done and being able to participate in interesting conversations, is something most Indians enjoy.

Like our previous offerings, I believe Cutting set at Perfect Hair Salon, will remind our audiences of some of the most striking yet fun conversations they ever had during their visit to the neighbourhood salon.”

While all the episodes of Cutting (Season 1) will stream worldwide online on OHO Gujarati from June 20, 2021, for a sneak peek, check out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh0JXkismhk&feature=youtu.be

For more premium Gujarati content, download the OHO Gujarati app available on Google Play & Apple Store.

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