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MannFiltered: Uniting Renowned Educationists & Social Reformers for Symposium

OHO Gujarati, India’ premium Gujarati content platform, brings forth yet another incredible show – MannFiltered, an OHO Original.

Staying true to its principle of bringing diverse, quality Gujarati content, the latest offering features four renowned educationists and social reformers, who share their thoughts about relevant subjects through a thought-provoking symposium.

This 5-episode non-fictional series will stream worldwide from June 30, 2021.

MannFiltered, featuring real-life Gujarati celebrities & motivational speakers, is a symposium-styled series moderated by ex-journalist and actor, Ojas Rawal.

Each episode features one of the guest speakers, who share their perceptions on topics that are relevant to our lives in the present day. 

The first episode stars Sajan Shah, a young, energetic motivational speaker, who is on a mission to transform lives.

Sharing insightful thoughts about expectations about the world in a decade versus the world we are creating and leading it to, will surely leave the audience intrigued.

The second episode features Bhagyesh Jha. He is a former bureaucrat who has a keen interest in Gujarati literature. He is a renowned poet and essay writer, who has also headed the Gujarat Sahitya Academy.

Through his episode, he sheds light on the fact that the essence of tomorrow lies in the details of today.

He shares in-depth, regarding the future of work, man’s relation with ecology & technology and the God of tomorrow.

Starring Dr Jitendra Adhiya, the third episode holds utmost importance to the parents and children today, owing to the ongoing pandemic.

A world-renowned mind and memory trainer, motivational speaker, and author, also popularly known as ‘Developer of Human Potential’, Dr Adhiya will share about screen time for children, its pros and cons and its impact on children when they grow up.

The fourth episode features Sanjay Rawal, an eminent Gujarati speaker on Fearless Living and Personality Development.

A torchbearer for knowing the next generation appropriately, he will share insights regarding the young generations’ likes, dislikes and their take on politics.

The final episode is a special treat for the audience, featuring all four guest speakers in discussion with the moderator, Ojas Rawal, debating about the concept of motivational speaking.

The 5-episode series is directed by Gaurang Kabira.

Speaking about the non-fictional episodic series, Abhishek Jain, Co-founder, OHO Gujarati said: “We take pride in bringing together premium Gujarati content for our audiences across the globe.

In the present-day scenario, where OTT platforms have gained immense popularity, it is a privilege to utilize this medium to offer non-fictional content, highlighting thought-provoking matters that need immediate attention.

I would like to encourage all our audience to watch this upcoming symposium-styled show featuring real-life motivational speakers.”

To watch the MannFiltered’ trailer, click here: https://youtu.be/ZB-GHUorxWY

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