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Will Smith On Playing The Real, Protective Father in King Richard

We all know the famous tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams. But what we don’t know is the story behind their success – about how they became the tennis stars that they are today.

Warner Bros. upcoming release, King Richard, tells that story and stars everybody’s favourite, Will Smith in the titular role.

In a media interview, Smith talks more of playing the titular character: “Like the rest of us, I’ve been following their careers for years. There was an interview with Richard and Venus – we depicted it in the film – where he interrupts the interviewer who keeps grilling her about her confidence. And it really struck me.

I didn’t totally know what it was at the time, but I just remembered how Venus’ eyes (hid) a little smirk, like she had a lion (on her team) and her lion would kill somebody to protect her.

There was a certainty and confidence in her in that protection. And I remember at the time thinking to myself, “I want my kids to have that look in their eyes when I show up.” Richard had been villainised and vilified so much in that world but I remember feeling something different was at play.

As an actor, I was excited to be able to explore (his) life, motivations and traumas and to really retell the narrative to transform (it) because the (truth) is really in Venus and Serena’s eyes. They love their father, and you don’t get that look if your father is a villain.”

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, Richard Williams has a clear vision and a massive 78-page plan to ensure his daughters go down in history.

He trains them in abandoned tennis courts – rain or shine – and the girls are shaped by their father’s commitment.

A film that you will need to see to believe, it is one of the most anticipated films out this year and sees Smith in an avatar that we have never seen before.

King Richard releases in UK cinemas from 19th November. Read our review here.

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