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Band Rojo Brings Sinhala Music To Forefront With ‘Age Adare’

Age Adare, meaning ‘Her Love’ has raked in over 50,000 overnight. The love song is composed by Band Rojo, a Sinhalese musical group based in the UK.

Anjelo Leeson is the lead vocalist and also features in the video with Venushka Condegama and Rachael Dixon. Tale Media are backing it as producers.

Rojo’s multilingual and talented band members not only sing popular covers but also write, sing and produce original music in the English and Hindi languages. Other band associates include Thamara Perera, Thilina Fernando and Vinoj Silva.

Sinhala music has particularly gained international popularity due to the Sri Lankan hit song Manike Mage Hithe by Chamath Sangeeth, Satheeshan and Yohani. Since its global sensation, the song has been covered in various languages including Arabic, Bengali, Hindi.

Recently, notable British-Asian artist Arjun also voiced the English version.

Watch the music video of Age Adare here:

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