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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Christmas Bells Ring as Shiamak Davar Returns To Host His UK Masterclass

Shiamak Davar, Guru of Modern Contemporary Dance in India, is in the UK to host his masterclasses. The master class in London for kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults will take place on Thursday, November 24th. The master class for the midlands will take place on November 26th, and the winter funk show is scheduled to take place in London on November 27th.

Shiamak International is the world’s biggest dance academy, enriching the lives of over a million dance enthusiasts across India, Canada, USA, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK. Shiamak Davar is a singer, choreographer, and performing artist known as the “Guru of Modern Contemporary Dance” in India.

He is mainly responsible for modernizing India’s dance scene, especially in the film and theatre industries. Teachers in the academy have been trained by Davar himself and offer classes in a range of dance styles, including Shiamak Style (contemporary), Bollywood Jazz, Shabop (Hip Hop & Street Funk), and BollySass.

This academy aims to provide quality dance training and make dance available to all. Shiamak dance classes run annually for age groups from four to eighty-four, providing them with training in various dance styles by Shiamak’s expert faculty.

For more information, check out the Shiamak website here

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