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‘Trans Kashmir’ Gears British Premiere At UK Asian Film Festival

Trans Kashmir, a documentary film made by filmmakers S.A. Hanan and Surbhi Dewan will have its UK premiere at the longest-running South Asian film festival in the world outside of India, the UK Asian Film Festival. ReeIN is supporting the film’s release as well as marketing and PR.

The film extends sympathy to the difficulties faced by the marginalised trans community living in Kashmir, in particular the lack of work prospects of a once-celebrated community. The audiences are given insight through the work done by the Sonzal Welfare Trust in advocating for the rights of sexual minorities in Kashmir following the lives of key individuals over a time period spanning the Covid pandemic.

Due to the shutdowns in Kashmir and Covid restrictions, many aspects that were originally planned were not an eventual part of the film, nevertheless, the filmmakers have made a film that tugs at the heartstrings and draws the audience into the helpless circumstances of a community that want nothing more than basic human rights.

This anticipated film will be part of the festival’s 25th edition taking place from 4 – 14 May 2023. As part of the LGBTQIA+ strand, Trans Kashmir will be showing on 7th May from 6 pm at Rich Mix Cinema in London.

The event will include a trailer screening of the upcoming British documentary film Discovering Kali and a candid discussion moderated by LGBTQIA+ activist, speaker, author and host of ‘totally out now,’ Raga Olga D’Silva with DJ Ritu, Rita and Asifa Lahore (UK’s first Muslim drag queen), celebrating Club Kali and its impact on generations over the last 25+ years.

Surbhi shared her excitement about the film’s UK festival and digital release plans: “We are thrilled to have our film’s UK premiere at UKAFF 2023. The festival consistently showcases the best of South Asian cinema and has a strong, loyal audience base. Personally, I am very pleased to have this be my fourth film at UKAFF in the last five years. We are also looking forward to our film’s digital release in the UK, with Bohemia Media, soon after UKAFF.”

The film raises awareness in a way audiences are left wanting to help – the filmmakers have documented a story that needed to be told and one that needs to be seen worldwide!

For ticket booking information please visit the festival or Rich Mix website.

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