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Salman Khan on Katrina Kaif’s Alternative Career: “Get Married, Produce Children”

In an interview, Salman Khan was quizzed on what would be an alternative career for Katrina Kaif, to which he responded: “She should be married and produce children.”

Katrina intervened to say that the question is about a profession like a doctor or an engineer, but Salman refused to budge.

He added that marriage and kids also require a lot of effort.

Salman and Katrina have acted together in over half a dozen films with the Ali Abbas Zafar being the latest.

Salman was also enquired about when he would get married and whether he wants to start his family.

“I want children, but with children comes the mother,” he added: “I don’t want the mother, but they need one.

But I have a whole village to take care of them. Maybe I can work out a win-win situation for everyone.”

Recently on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, Katrina was asked about her wedding plans.

She stated: “No clue. I am taking one day at a time. Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what happens.”

However, she added that she believes in the institution of marriage.

Singer Sona Mohapatra has taken on actor Salman Khan for his repeated digs at actor Priyanka Chopra in his recent interviews.

Salman is miffed at Priyanka for quitting his film Bharat last year on short notice, citing her wedding with American singer Nick Jonas as the reason.

Sona called Salman the ‘poster child of toxic masculinity’ for his ‘low brow digs’ at Priyanka.

He recently said that Priyanka quitting the film was ‘embarrassing’ and she left the ‘biggest film of her career’ to get married.

“Usually people leave the husbands for this,” he had said.

Sona wrote in a tweet:

“Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey.”

She added: “A showcase & poster child of toxic masculinity.

Low brow digs at not only a woman who was not in the room but a disgusting disregard & contempt for the woman & colleague sitting next to him in the same room.

Unless we call out such serial bad behaviour, nothing changes, #India.”

She is talking about Katrina Kaif, who replaced Priyanka after her exit from the film.

Katrina is often seen telling Salman to ‘calm down’ during these interviews while he talks about Priyanka.

However, this is not the first time Salman Khan has expressed a distasteful and problematic comment.

Whilst promoting Sultan, he said in a media interview:

“When I used to walk out of the ring after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.”

This led to an uproar in the public and a petition was filed in Kanpur for hurting the prestige of women.

Now, one wonders if Salman will issue an apology or whether action will be taken against this condescending comment towards Katrina. 

Bharat is this year’s Eid release. It hits cinema screens on 5th June.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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