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‘Spotlight’: Bollywood Dance School UK Groove Away Pandemic Blues

The Shaw Theatre played host to Bollywood Dance School (BDS) UK’s winter event Spotlight, a first of its kind (post-COVID) for the auditorium. The London-based show was headed by artistic-directors Rohan and Shruti Shah.

Over 4,000 families of all the performers across the globe and witnessed the show live on their YouTube Channel. Many even travelled physically to a houseful theatre with guest attendees like Aankhen‘s Raageshwari and British-Asian singing sensation, Navin Kundra.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Rohan and Shruti and the whole team of what they have achieved,” says Kundra. “Starting this business in the middle of a pandemic and teaching students online throughout the whole period and then putting it together in a live show like this, it’s been spectacular! It’s lovely to see the youngsters, the parents, the elderly and everyone come together. Such a diverse cast and audience which always makes for a special show!”

BDS’ professional dance team underwent intensive dance training, showcased various dance styles such as Indo-Contemporary, BollySwag and Commercial Bollywood. The production also saw Kundra announcing his next concert, with the academy’s core team of Dancers. The exhibition also tributed performances to retro Hindi cinema from the 60s to 90s.

Over 100 kids and adults across the UK (Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Manchester) are trained Online via Zoom by Senior Dance Instructor – Diya Lakhani. The 250 performers were aged between 4-64 years.

For more information on the event of Bollywood Dance School as a whole, visit their website here.

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