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3 reasons which make NH10 worth-watching!

A couple, a road trip, a murder and Anushka Sharma screaming ‘F**k you’ to the killers. From the promos and trailers, NH10 promised to be a nail-biting thriller. However, does it deliver? Undoubtedly, it does. Here are three reasons which makes NH10 a must-watch film!

1. The performances

Neil Bhoopalam (of Shaitan fame) essays the role of Anushka Sharma’s husband well. The chemistry between him and Sharma seems natural and realistic. Darshan Kumaar (of Mary Kom fame) portrays the hot-headed villain, Satbir. His menacing performance gives you Goosebumps! Now, moving onto the main heroine, Anushka Sharma, who portrays the role of an affluent business woman. At the beginning she seemed to be naïve, however towards the end, she becomes courageous. This transition was performed with gusto!

2. The story

There have been several road/thriller movies in Bollywood such as: Road, Manorama- six feet under and even Highway. But what makes NH10 so unique, is the story. The fact that social issues are embedded in a thrilling and entertaining way makes the movie an intriguing venture. Furthermore, I believe that the setting in a desolate and peculiar village enhanced the enigma of the story.

3. Its all about woman power!

I have always been an avid fan of female-centric movies. Whether it is Kahaaani, Lajja or even Mardaani, these styles of films makes us reinforces the real strength of woman power. NH10 follows a similar pattern. The fact that Anushka Sharma carries most of the film on her shoulders, she has proven to be a great actress. This one belongs to her!

On the whole, NH10 deserves a watch for its endeavour to raise awareness of a social issues, in addition to entertain and thrill the audience. Strongly recommended!

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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