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Shardul Pandit on Bigg Boss 14: “Nobody & Everybody is My Competition”

Shardul Pandit, the presenter-turned-actor, is now among Bigg Boss 14‘s wild card contestants.

Seen in serials like Bandini and Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2, the 34-year-old is determined for audiences to know more about him and help to open up doors, in terms of career prospects.

Filme Shilmy exclusively spoke with Shardul before entering the house to know more about him.

Sharing his initial sentiments of joining the house, he expresses:

“I can’t really describe how I feel about going into the Bigg Boss house as there are different emotions at different hours of the day.

There are times when I feel super kicked and excited to be participating in the biggest reality show of the country.

Then there’s the feeling of being a lamb to be slaughtered. All these sentiments together basically summarise how I feel.”

Sharing his opinion on the current housemates, Shardul says:

“Pavitra Punia is someone I already have a crush on. The moment she entered in that Sari, performing to Tip Tip Barsa Pani, the lockdown emotions got heightened.

Jasmin is very cute. I could sit with her all day and let her rant – because they end up being amazingly funny.

Eijaz is a very strong contestant. We don’t know what he’s going to do exactly. I’m going to request him to be in the bedroom because I don’t see him there.

I agree with the seniors (Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar) and Salman said about how the contestants were not really being who they are. I don’t know what everyone stands for as there have only been glimpses of it.”

Whilst the house has been split between Rubina and Nikki, Shardul says he wouldn’t want to be in any groups and perhaps even create his own.

But which type of contestant would he deem to be a competition?

“Nobody and everybody. I say this because when you pick a person to compete with, you’re limiting yourself. Why should I compete with one person?

I’m going into the show to last as long as I can. I am aware of the limitations that I may not win the trophy, nor am I highly popular as some of the others. Honestly, no one can compete with me.

They’ve had a very different path. We all have our individual stories.”

He also hopes to actually ‘entertain’ the housemates rather than engage in fights or arguments, further noting how he’ll use his strengths to his advantage:

“I don’t believe in sounding aggressive for the camera. My biggest strength now is that I’ve seen a very big fall and it’s quite scary. 

I have seen a time when I had no money and friends had deserted me. So, what can one scare me with? The fact that I won’t get scared easily is a big strength.

The other strength is my speech from the years of working on radio and hosting. At the end of the day, the show isn’t about winning (or not) the task, but how one can turn around a situation by taking a stand.

One of my aims is to change the perceptions around reality shows that you have to be an a**hole to win.

I want entertainment shows to be taken as that and fill in that space which I genuinely think there is an opportunity to entertain.

Sure, fights give a great promo moment but audiences will otherwise tune-out. I admire what Shehnaaz did last year. She brought in so much humour and I used to watch it for her.”

Well, it will be interesting to see what ‘stand’ Shardul takes and how he hopes to fulfil his objective of entertaining the audience!

Listen to our podcast with Shardul Pandit here:


Bigg Boss 14 airs every day at 21:30 on Colors TV UK.

Anuj Radia
Journalist and film enthusiast.

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