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Monday, December 11, 2023

Kangana Ranaut To Host Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Lock Upp’ Reality Show

Ekta Kapoor has announced the launch of a new reality show called Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut is set to the host. The concept revolves around 16 contestants being locked in jail with Ranaut deciding their fate.

Kapoor claims that the concept is ‘homegrown’ and not from the West.¬† “In the last two years, there are few celebs who haven’t heard the word FIR, legal fees. So, here is a show where people are locked up in jail with the concept of bail. It’s a massy reality show for Bharat. Hum India me reh kar Bharat ko bhool gaye hain (Living in India, we have forgotten Bharat). We don’t need international formats. Why should we copy from there?”

Kapoor also revealed that inmates will only be celebrities. Without dropping names, she adds that all have been vetted by Kangana, who is likely to decide on who is going inside. The show streams from February end.

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